Archna Wadhwa Gallery: Integrating Diversity Of Art Into A Passion

Art has no barriers. It has the power to bring together people from across countries, races and languages

Ofttimes the work of a painter is only truly appreciated posthumously. History is not short of examples of well-known painters who had lived lives of destitution only for their work post mortem to be highly sought after and considered priceless. The primary purpose of the Archna Wadhwa Gallery is to create a global community through art by bridging the gap between artists and art admirers and by helping people realize the transformative potential of art. A platform that will concomitantly provide accessibility and availability so that art can be demystified and enjoyed by all.

With a thought like that, Archna Wadhwa laid the foundation of Archna Wadhwa Gallery in 2018. Established as an exclusive podium that highlights the artists at a global level, Enduring a continuous journey to enrich the lives of the artists by promoting their artwork and conducting offline as well as online exhibitions, Archna states this concept as her passion rather than just another business venture, as she is determined to unleash the beauty and exquisiteness of the Indian art to the masses.

Engaging in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, Archna Wadhwa shares her views and visions as one of the paragon art promoters of the country.

1. What were the initial challenges that you had faced at the beginning of your journey as an entrepreneur?
I was fortunate enough to have ample opportunities via my job to travel, and on a personal basis, I loved exploring what the different cities around the world could offer. Every time I visited somewhere, I’d make sure to find me an art gallery or a museum to explore and admire.

As a connoisseur of art, I felt Indian Art was missing out on appropriate appreciation for itself. Without any prior experience in this industry, my first challenge was reaching out to various artists within India. I did my research and not only did I individually reach out to some of them but also engaged personally with them in terms of helping them curate their artwork, which finally led to the establishment of this gallery.

Moving on, the second roadblock was to introduce the concept of online art galleries in a traditionally offline world of Art Galleries. The challenge was to convince the artists that online art galleries are equally as good as offline ones. It was about time the perception about selling the art only through offline channels had to be changed.

Apart from these two basic challenges, the third challenge was to promote Art to the art deprived audience. I don't see many people in India buying art and within India, art has always been considered a weightage for exclusively elite people. To bring awareness amongst Indian people that art is a way of life, I engaged pragmatically in this sec-tor at a clear proximity to overcome all these challenges.

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