Bandana Kumari

Bandana Kumari, the young anthropomorphic prodigy artist, is known for applying unique concepts with deep meaning to her paintings. Her innate talent for art has secured her National Scholarship and CCRT Fellowship from the Ministry of Culture. She has organized three solo shows and exhibited her artworks in more than 30+ group shows across the globe from Korea, Russia and India. Her artworks have seen active participation in art camps worldwide namely Stockholm, Russia and across India. Her special interest in tribal art can be seen through her involvement in camps with Kumbhini Karyashala Tribal Museum, Bhopal. Her sophisticated and elegant artworks have been recognized with 12 awards and never failed to impress the juries in various national art competitions and festivals. Media lights have always found Bhandana’s artworks to be attractive making them appear in cover pages of magazines like Arts Illustrated magazine, The Blue Lotus International Magazine, etc. Her artworks are procured all across the globe by private collectors, galleries and art museums.
Bandana believes the five elements fire, water, air, earth and sky play a dominant role in the human body. She applies this idea to her works and includes all life forms from birds, animals, trees to her paintings. Her anthropomorphic artworks highlight the characteristics of animals within humans with traces of feminism. For ornamentation, she uses the idea behind the tribal culture of body tattoo’s linked with human identity. The versatile artist mostly prefers acrylic ink on canvas as her medium of art.

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