Bandana Kumari

As you all know in nature the five elements play a dominant role. They are fire, water, air, earth, and sky. i strongly believe that human body is made from these five elements. My painting consists of birds, animals, plants, flowers and much more. When god created this world, he also made human beings as the wisest species on this earth.
Some of us do not look like animals but posses the qualities and characteristics of an animal. In this world everybody deserves to look beautiful and this brings them closer to various forms of fashion and they follow it as a culture tradition to create their own distinguished identity
In my painting i present women as the strongest creature of the god, i show women as a birds, moon, stars etc in my paintings. Similarly of lion, bear, horse, bull, elephant, etc. describe the characteristics of a male. In this world whatever is outside in the nature that is present inside the human being
Like in our folk and tribal society people have a godna culture (tattoo).by holding this culture people makes their important identity, in my human forms the ornamentation is the expansion of that culture
Most of the time in my painting I make body of human beings and head of animal’s .in our society where we give respect to female god but when it comes to woman people underestimates them we think that they are incapable but they are forgetting that when it is needed they can become female god .

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