Dharmendra kumar

Dharmendra Kumar is the awardee of junior fellowship, Centre for Culture Resources and Training, Govt. of India. He has been a part of All India Fine Art Society, Department of Art and Culture, Patna Academy, Fine Art Society PMCH, Patna, etc. His artistic touches have never failed to impress art admirers bringing them together to the international fairs and camps across Russia, Sweden and India. His paintings have sought eyes throughout India from Kashmir in the North to Chennai in the South finding their places in Bihar Museum, Tourism Department - Bhopal, Alva’s Vishwa Varnasiri Moodbidri - Karnataka, Prakrit Arts - Chennai, etc.
Dharmendra paints nature with a combination of philosophical and aesthetic senses. His anthropomorphic acrylic paintings capture the complex nature of human beings in their primal form. He believes in the dual facets of nature and expresses them through his artworks.

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