Meet the Artists

Interviews are opportunities to get a straight-from-the-source account of what artists of today are thinking, feeling, and making. It's clear the art community has some big topics in mind, from artificial intellegence and survellience to gender and identity to the pitfalls of the art market and exciting new alternatives. So read all about what artists are thinking in this interview section

Interviews with Artists

Dipali Deshpande

Interviewed by Aaryani Sahay, May 2020

I grew up in a small village called Kalaskarwadi in Maharashtra. Because it was such a small town, I was surrounded by nature. I simply adored the beauty around me and that is why I started my art career painting landscapes. In my village, my grandparents owned a textile shop in the village and as a child, I spent most of my time as with them in that shop. My passion for fashion and textiles – which I now use in my paintings- stems from my fondness of the time spent with my grandparents at the shop.

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Vishwanath Appachu

Interviewed by Aaryani Sahay, May 2020

I became passionate about art at a young age. When I started painting, it was just a hobby for me, I did not think of it as a possible profession. My father and most of my family were in the army – there was less of an opportunity for me to pursue art. However, my mother loved knitting and she largely encouraged my passion for art. I adored nature and painting it, so she would buy me colours.

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