Dr. Kusum Lata Sharma

Dr Kusum Lata Sharma, the 20 plus years experienced laureate in fine arts hails from Gwalior. Her profound works have won 15 accolades including International Online Contemporary Artist Award, 2015, Art Legend International Golden Award, Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad, Amalapuram, etc. She was granted Senior Fellowship (2017-18) by Center for Cultural Resources and Training, Govt. of India. She has also been part of artist residential programs namely, ICAC, Dengam residency program, Gandhi Nagar and Penza art residency, Penz museum, Russia, 2019. Her artworks have been exhibited in 15+ group and solo exhibitions in India and USA. She has been part of more than 20+ art camps across the world. The mesmerizing artworks have captivated collectors across the globe from Tellas Art, Sweden, North Zone Cultural Center, Kurukshetra, etc. She currently has a studio set up in Bhopal.
Dr Kusum Lata’s artworks are a fusion of abstract and symbolic style. This aesthetic style of mastery can be seen in many of her art series, “Water Hyacinth”, “My City”, “Aastha Ka Shahar”, “Birth”, etc. Her mixed media works draw the attention of the viewers to the niche details of her stimulating artistic musings.

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